Microsoft AI App for visually impaired


The Microsoft Company has released a new seeing AI app for visually impaired

The Microsoft Company has released its new seeing AI app which is a smart phone based application and utilizes the computer vision for describing the world to the visually impaired person. By downloading the seeing AI app, the users will be able to point out the camera of their phones at a person and it will communicate them who they are and how they are feeling. The users can also point the camera to a product and it is going to tell them what it is.

The prototype of this app has already been showed off by Microsoft

All this is done by utilizing the artificial intelligence technology that is running on their smart phones. The prototype of this app has already been showed off by the Microsoft this year. The company has called this app as the talking camera for all those people who are visual impaired. The seeing AI app utilizes the artificial intelligence and also the camera of either the iPhone or the iPad and describes the world around it.

The camera can now recognize the texts, objects and the people around

The camera is capable of recognizing the texts, objects and also the people around it. Well this application will be turning the visual world into an audible experience. It is so simple to use and it is just the way one is actually pointing a camera towards various kinds of objects and people. The app can also recognize the saved friends and it is also in a position to describe the people on the basis of their age and also the demeanor.The application can also read the text that it can detect aloud.

It is also able to scan and read the documents

Apart from this, it is also able to scan and read the documents, can help in formatting and can also look at the money for the identification of the specific denominations. While doing shopping with in the store, the seeing app can scan the barcodes and it will be helping the users to shop. Till now seeing app is available in few countries of the world but the Microsoft Company is actually looking forward to expand it to the other additional countries too in future.

This free of cost app has already been released for iOS users

This free of cost app has been released for the iOS users and it will be helping the visually challenged to see the world like never before. The user just has to hold on his smart phone and he will be all ready to hear the world around him. This tool has been designed for the visually challenged community and the app will be able to describe the people, objects and the texts around. Microsoft Company is competing with the various technology giants in making its mark in the field of artificial intelligence.

The most powerful feature of seeing AP is the money recognition tool

The most powerful feature of seeing AP is surely the money recognition tool and it can differentiate the bills and the coins as well making it easy for people to shop. This smart app also communicates the user in which direction he has to turn the camera for the better capturing of the objects. The company has taken a big leap in the field of AI by developing this Seeing App with a keen focus on solving the big problems of the health care sector.

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