Magikarp jump


Pokemon has released its new gaming series by the name of Magikarp jump

The new gaming series of pokemon firm is the Magikarp jump. It is in fact the celebration of the pokemon company’s must put upon monster. So now the magikarp had arrived with the much powerful evolution in itself. Each and every player in the magikarp is coming with an ever stone attached to it and this item is surely serving the purpose. This means that it is stopping the pokemon from evolving too.

Magikarp is surely a spin off game and it is for players using iOS and android platforms.

Well it is not a normal kind of the pokemon game and players have to repeatedly tap on the magikarp when it is swimming in the tank. It is going to eventually break the ever stone. When it happens, a notification will appear on the screen communicating the player that there is a breakdown of ever stone and this is the point when the player should focus to level up the magikarp up to twenty. Once it reaches there magikarp would be evolving into the Gyarados which is a giant sea dragon and it is the best part of the team of the pokemon game. So evolution of magikarp into Gyarados is quite good and it is just like throwing away a pokemon.But magikarp will be retiring soon it will be evolving. Magikarp is surely a spin off game and it is for the players using the iOS and android platforms. The game was already released on May 17th in many parts of the world.

It is a game which is all about weak pokemon and provides refreshing gaming experience

This latest mobile based pokemon game provides a kind of refreshing gaming experience but it is a game which is all about the weak pokemon which is the magikarp In fact magikarp is being famous only for being weak, unreliable and also it can be considered as generally useless too. The game is highly enjoyable and it is genuinely a kind of the amazing mobile based Pokemon game .Well even if the game is about quite a useless fish pokemon, it doesn’t mean that players will not get the thrills playing the game. When magikarp will evolve into Gyrados Magikarp would become totally useless in the game.

Magikarp is an addictive game where players can actually train magikarp to bounce high

The game is also featuring the in app purchases and players can spend some amount of money to speed up their training and can also replenish the food stock and they would be able to catch more magikarp.Most of the magikarps would be seen kicking the bucket in two of the ways- the first is they would be blown up by the errant Voltorb or may be Pidgeotto would be snatching them in the mid way itself.The game would be warning the players about this thing on the app page. Magikarp is surely an addictive mobile game where players can actually train their magikarp to bounce high and this is the game play which is perfect for the players to try out this summer season.

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