Mac book Air/Pro, iPhones, Airport Express losses Apple repair support


The Apple Company is making few of its old products obsolete

The Apple Company is making few of its old products totally obsolete this year. The old products like few of its iphones, Macbook Air/Pro would be losing the repair support from the company’s retail stores along with the authorized dealers and repair service providers. Starting from June 30th, 2017, some of the company’s products like the Mac book Air/Pro, AirPort Express and also few of its iPhone models would become totally obsolete. The obsolete products as described by the Apple Company are those that have been discontinued from a period of more than seven years.

There will also be discontinuation in the hardware service to the Apple’s obsolete products

There will also be discontinuation in the hardware service which is provided to all such products by the company. Along with the Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air, the company has also announced 802.11 n Airport Express as the obsolete model. This is the model which was introduced in the year 2008 and it had the wall socket design in comparison to the today’s standalone box. Even the iPhone 3GS model that was launched in 2009 was also granted the status of being obsolete.

No notification had been made to the customers in this regard

The company has made announcements about the list of the products falling in the category of obsolete but there is no notification which is given to the customers in this regard .The company had started giving the transition status to its products some five to seven years back .The reason being the parts of obsolete products are quite difficult to find now and now it is hard to repair them. So the users of obsolete products will not be able to visit the company’s authorized repair service providers if these products have been labelled as obsolete by the company.

Mac models ranging from 2009 to 2011 are already in the list of vintage products

The Mac models ranging from 2009 to 2011 has already been in the list of the vintage products since the year 2016 The list of Macs which are considered as the vintage or obsolete includes the Mac Book Pro 15 inch, Mac Book Pro 17 inch, Mac mini released in 2009 and the Mac Book 13 inches model that was released in the year 2009 .All these products are not eligible for the hardware support services from the authorized service providers of the Apple company.

Get your Apple device repaired and fixed up if it falls in the obsolete product category

Even the new parts for these devices cannot be obtained from the Apple Company’s authorized dealers. This announcement is not affecting everyone but for all those people who own any of such products that falls in the obsolete category, it is the right time to get these products repaired and get them fixed up before the end of the year 2017.

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