LG Exalt LTE


The Verizon Company launched a dumb and flip flop mobile phone which is called LG Exalt LTE

This week Verizon Company launched its dumb and flip flop mobile phone by the name of LG Exalt LTE.This new phone can connect only to the Verizon Company’s 4G LTE network. The users will not be able to use the 3G network for making calls through this new mobile phone. Well the phone is equipped with the capable hardware and its users will be able to remain in touch with the news of the outer world.

It is specifically designed for users who prefer simple mobile phones

The LG Exalt LTE has been specifically designed for all those mobile users who prefer simpler phones and want to use them for performing the basic functions like for the purpose of texting and making calls. This time the phone is launched with 4G, LTE connectivity and this means you will be able to gain access to the internet. This feature was not available on the earlier flip flop mobile phones.

The latest flip flop mobile has some of the modest specifications

The phone has some of the modest specifications which include the 1.1 GHz Snapdragon processor and it has 8GB memory which is expandable to 32 GB by using a microSD card. The LG Exalt LTE possesses 3 inches WOVGA display along with 1470 mAh battery which is more than enough for its target consumers. The company is claiming that the battery standby time is around 10 days

The phone looks modern with the minimalist design

Along with that the smart phone has a resolution of around 400* 240 pixels and it has a bigger screen in comparison to the other flip flop phones. All this makes reading and viewing pictures quite easy for the users .The phone looks modern with the minimalist design and that is what makes it unique and still it doesn’t look outdated at all. With the 5 pixels camera, you can click HD pictures and the phone is coming up with the 720 videos at the rate of 30 fps.This flip flop phone will be sold at the cost of around $ 168 and it is the only LTE mobile phone which will not be able to support the 3G network of the Verizon.

LG Exalt LTE is the only basic phone coming up with the added enhancements

The phone features the HD voice and you will be able to make high quality calls and there will be support which will be extended for the Wi-Fi calling and LG Exalt LTE is the only basic phone which is coming up with these added enhacements.You will also be able to use this phone as a mobile hotspot and this would be a big help in all those times when the public Wi-Fi would not work out. So it is the best time for you to buy a single basic phone with compact body, big tactile buttons and it is so easy to use.

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