iPhone X with iOS 11


Information about the Apple’s upcoming iPhone X has been revealed

The next model of iphone is not arriving early but people have started speculating about it. Things will be bit different in the year 2017 as it will be the tenth anniversary of the Apple Company. People will be able to see three of the iPhone models- iPhone 7S,7S Plus and the iPhone X which is also known as iPhone 8 and it will be an expensive and a kind of technical show case mobile that will be released as the celebrity model. A lot of information about this Apple’s upcoming phone has been revealed.

Let’s check out few interesting things about the new iPhone X

Mobile device is enabled with front face camera module

Let’s check out what is interesting about the new iPhone X .The iPhone X model will be looking little different this time and it will be looking more like iPhone 7 with a glass. There is also reorientation of the rear camera and the bezel which is present on the mobile will be a bit thin on Y axis. The mobile device will be enabled with the front face camera module for the scanning of the facial as well as the retinal expressions.

This time the iphone is featuring enhanced Siri functionality

It has been suggested that few of the things in iPhone X will be common to the Microsoft Company’s Kinect sensor and the phone’s front camera will be having a revolutionary infrared sensor which will be able to sense the 3D space present in front of it. The phone this time will be featuring the enhanced Siri functionality. There could be the refinement in the ability of the personal assistant to respond towards the contextual requests along with other dialogues. All kinds of Siri capabilities will be introduced in the iOS 11 itself.

There is an inclusion of 5.8 inches OLED display with no bezel and all screen

It has been rumoured that the iPhone X will have bigger battery life and that could also have the inclusion of the new biometric features .It is expected that the iPhone 8 would have 128 GB to around 256 GB models that will be priced in the range of $ 999 to around $ 1099.Some of the biggest changes that the company would be introducing in the iPhone X would be the inclusion of the massive 5.8 inches OLED display and it will be a kind of no bezel and all screen mobile design with the removal of the home button .There will also be the inclusion of the A 11 chipset along with the provision of the biometric authentication.

iPhone X is expected to make a debut in later half of the year

The new phone would be heftier than the previous iPhone models and will be measuring around 143.59*70.49*7.57 mm .It will be thicker in comparison to the iPhone 7 plus. The iPhone X is expected to make a debut in later half of the year and it will be featuring a memory upgrade from the previous version of the iPhone models.

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