iMac Pro


iMac Pro is coming up with snazzy space grey finishing with a price of $ 4999

iMac Pro is coming up in December this year and it is quite pricey at around $ 4999.If you compare its price with the WWDC iMac, it is around $ 140 higher .The product is different this time as you will be getting superfast Ethernet, Xeon processor and also a mondo fast RAM .It is also having one hella video card.

The screen size of the Apple’s iMac pro series will be starting at 21.5 inches

The base unit of the device has 8 core CPU and when you will be looking at its RAM, it is coming with 32 GB and it is also having a Radeon Pro Vega video card which has the 8 GB of the high band memory. Well the screen size of the Apple’s iMac pro series will be starting at 21.5 inches and iMac Pro has a resolution of 1080p.The iMac Pro is coming up with the snazzy space grey finishing and it bears an exclusive glass and metal body design although there is not any noticeable difference between the Standard iMac and the iMac Pro.

The device has a pair of down firing speakers at the back and HD face time camera

Looking at the ports of the iMac Pro, you will be getting the pack of the Gigabit Ethernet socket, four USB 3.0 and also two Thunderbolt 3 ports which are present on the rear side. In addition to that, there is an SDXC card slot, head phone jack and there are further two thunderbolt 3 ports and Ethernet port which is 10 GB. Another striking feature of the device is the inclusion of the pair of down firing speakers at the back and also HD face time camera which is 1.2 megapixels present above the screen. Looking at the top end of the 5K iMac Pro model, the resolution is 5120* 2880 and of course the 5K iMac has an impressive display which has been specifically calibrated for the satisfaction of the DCI P3 colour standard. This is going to help out all those who are looking for a top end screen to develop some kind of impressive videos.

The whole new series of iMac pro has been restructured to add few striking features

Even the fan system of the device is going to impart 80% better cooling capacity and the company claims that this new system will be allowing for the internal up gradation without any kind of noise. Although iMac Pro will be offering the 32 GB ECC memory but user can configure it to 64 or 128 GB EC memory .The company claimed that this whole new series of the iMac Pro has been entirely restructured to equip them with some of the most amazing and extraordinary features. So with the slew of the interesting upgrades to the existing iMacs, let’s check out what all iMac Pro version is going to roll out this December.

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