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The much rumoured and smart speaker Home Pod by Apple is on its way

The Apple Company’s much rumoured and highly smart speaker is on the way and the company is tweaking about its product while it is getting ready for its launch. The long time rumoured speaker of Apple which is known as the Home Pod is going to give a touch competition to Amazon’s Echo. This is an attempt by the company to reinvent the home music and this time company is focussing on the music first and not on the Siri.HomePod is going to hit the market by the end of this year although the product is not yet ready for the prime time.

Let’s check out some of its specifications below:

The Home Pod is embedded with multi channel echo cancellation

Looking at its features, it is a pill shaped smart speaker which is circular in look .The device is having seven beams which will be forming a kind of tweeter array with a custom made woofer and it also has an Apple A8 chip. The Home Pod is embedded with the multi channel echo cancellation along with the real time acoustic modelling. It is also capable of scanning the space around it and thus it automatically optimizes the music.

Its speakers will be working best with Apple music

Of course the speakers of the home Pod will be working at their best with the music of the Apple and user can instruct the speaker by talking to it to play his favourite music from the music library. The WIFI connected speaker of Apple has been considered as the quintessential for using it as the music listening device for everyone .Well the smart speaker is also coming up with the Siri and it is using the phrase hey Siri and it can all that what Siri can do. So Apple has not stepped up its game by embedding Siri in its Home Pod and of course it appears to be promising next generation smart speaker.

The voice assistant that this device is utilizing is based on cloud computing

So as a next generation speaker, this device appears to be bigger and better that its rivals like Google Home or the Amazon’s Echo. The voice assistant that this device is utilizing is based on cloud computing that is meant for the voice recognition and it responds to all the queries and the demands of the user. But the thing is this device needs to be connected to the internet otherwise it will be giving you some kind of the connection error .But when the user is connected whatever demand he/she makes, it will be send to the Apple servers.

The device will have its integration with the home kit

The user can conveniently connect to the services he is looking for and can also send the response back to the smart speaker. The home pod device will have its integration with the home kit for the management of the simpler tasks just like controlling the blindness, altering the temperature, turning the yard sprinklers and everything done through the voice command.

Costing around $ 350 which is double than Amazon Echo and the Google’s Home

Although Home Pod is costing around $ 350 which is doubles than that the Amazon Echo and the Google’s Home but many people are still going to buy it just because of the brand it is associated with. So it is that time which is going to tell how much Home Pod would be successful in defining the smart speaker technology.

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