Google launches AI powered job search engine


Searching for the job of your choice is much easier now

Searching for new job opportunity is getting much easier now. The Google Company is coming up with the new job search engine and this is something which will be on its search engine result page itself. This allows the job seeker to search jobs across all kind of major online job boards .Everything will be searched from the company’s search engine result page. There will also be the inclusion of the job listings that are found on the home page of a company. So job seekers will be able to find all kinds of jobs at one place and they don’t have to visit multiple websites for finding the different job postings. This new feature is available in English language as of now and users can search jobs from their computers as well as from their mobile phones.

Job seekers can find all types of jobs at one place

This job search tool is known as the Google for jobs and it is based on the machine learning. The goal of this job search engine is to facilitate the users to find and organise the various lucrative job opportunities from multiple sources like LinkedIn, Monster jobs, Career builder, Face book etc and it will also be including the job listings which are found on the company’s home page.

This is the AI powered advanced job search engine by Google company

This AI powered advanced search engine will allow you to search the job openings just by simply searching for the jobs at one place and you will be receiving highly detailed results than ever before. The Google for jobs initiative was announced by the company few months back. The company is committed to assist both the job seekers as well as the employers for the placement of right candidate to a particular job position. So a user can search out the writing jobs or jobs near me and he will be receiving the detailed results which will enable him to explore all suitable job openings from around the web.

The candidate will be able to find all job postings at one site

The technology which is present behind the Google job search tool is the Cloud job API and it imparts access to the machine learning capabilities that provides the smart job search to the users. For all those jobs that appear on the multiple websites, Google Company will now link them up to the one and you will be able to see all the job postings at one site.

Users will be able to refine their search criteria to fulfil their unique job requirements

The company will not be handling any of the process further once you will be finding the job on the service. The firm has already made clear that it is not directly competing with any of the career specific site. The new job search engine by Google will allow all the candidates to explore lucrative job opportunities from across the web and they can also refine their search criteria to fulfil all their unique job requirements.

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