Google 4K Whiteboard


What is Google 4K Whiteboard?

Google 4K Whiteboard is Google’s answer to the Microsoft Surface Hub . In simpler terms, Jam board is basically giant touch screen canvas made mainly for organizations, and is trying to replace the physical project wall/ chalkboard/ whiteboard. The wifi connected 55-inch ultra-high definition 4K screen works best with G Suite and allows multi-user support from different devices. The 55-inch white board sits on a rollers-attached stand that can be moved around in any office with ease.

Collaboration at its best

The content on the whiteboard is saved under a file format called JAM, so people could save it or pass it around. All the work posted on a Jamboard can be saved in Google Drive, rather than the device itself, that means people can access it from multiple locations at once. Employees of a company can post their views, documents and images on the Jamboard via cloud. Use their fingers, a stylus or smart phones and tablets to share information from anywhere.

Here are some key features about Jam Board for you:

1. G-Suite a prerequisite

A G-Suite plan is crucial to use the 55-inch board which costs around $5,000.

Jamboard uses a custom version of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

2. Forget the stylus:

Unlike the Microsoft surface hub, users can make screen marks by using any soft object or even their finger. It is capable of sensing the difference between when you write on it with a stylus or touch it with a finger. The separate stylus marker and eraser tools will each cost an additional $9.99.

3. Ease of usage:

People who are included in a “Jam session” get a document drive link to access content created during the session..

4. Add participants easily:

You can add users as video participants or document observers. Remember, you are not allowed to send requests to collaboration outside of the G Suite license..

5. Unlimited participation:

The number of people who can join a jam is unlimited. People who are registered as a G-Suite user with the companion app can get involved in the meeting. Jam board allows up to 50 people simultaneously to access a Jam through Google hangouts.

6. Innovative Handwriting brush:

It uses shape recognition software to clean illegible handwriting. The brush transforms messy writing into reader friendly text instantly..

7. Awesome video:

A wide-angle 1080p webcam and a 4k monitor is a visual treat for you..

Budget friendly ecosystem for superior collaboration and meetings

It is a budget friendly ecosystem for superior collaboration and meetings. Prima facie, Jamboard looks like a user friendly, stripped down version of the Microsoft Surface Hub. Google plans to turn Jam board into a broader work platform where developers create apps for the digital whiteboard to facilitate more efficient collaboration.Organisations such as Netflix and Spotify have already used the Jamboard to collaborate internally. Google will start onboarding more beta testers hoping that the product will be available for mass usage by mid-2017.

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