GameMine Vodacom partnership


The GameMine Incorporation entered into a strategic partnership with Vodacom Group

The GameMine Incorporation announced few times back that it had entered into a strategic partnership with the Vodacom Group which is a South Africa based mobile carrier. This partnership will be providing the diverse varieties of the subscription based mobile phone games to the Vodacom .The game publishing company has signed its $ 20 million first big deal with the global carrier.

More than 175 gaming titles will be distributed to the subscribers of Vodacom Company

The company had entered into the strategic partnership with the Vodacom for bringing its subscription based mobile games to the African market. So this time more than 175 gaming titles will be distributed to the subscribers of Vodacom Company which will be ad free and also will be free of cost. It will be given as a part of the promotional campaign.

The GameMine has recognised the value of thriving mobile carrier market of South Africa

The GameMine Company has recognised the value of the thriving mobile carrier market of South Africa as Vodacom is a premium mobile carrier company and this strategic partnership is surely going to boost the GameMine Company’s subscriber base and will provide it an international exposure too. The deal is actually a part of the Vodacom effort to retain its existing customers and to attract new customers by extending the free data services which is known as the Meg Your Day Promotion and it is going to end this year September.

The company has been utilizing its $20 million funds for new hires

The US based mobile games publisher Company GameMine is partnering with the operators and the app stores for the distribution of its games to the consumers and that too on a subscription based and also on the ad free basis. In the month of June itself, the GameMine Company has raised $ 20 million and it has been utilizing the funds for the new hires and for realising its marketing strategies and customer acquisition plans .The Company is now eyeing on expanding its strategic partnerships with the major mobile carriers all around the globe.

This partnership of GameMine with Vodacom will drastically increase its worldwide subscription foundation

The GameMine Company is developing, licensing and also acquiring the mobile games and it is providing the mobile games to the consumers in around 135 countries through the mobile gaming marketplace. This partnership of the company with Vodacom will be drastically increasing its worldwide subscription foundation and also its exposure to the mobile provider market.

All Vodacom subscribers will enjoy Game Mine’s 175 titles during promotional campaign

During the time of the promotional campaign by the GameMine, all the Vodacom subscribers will b enjoying the GameMine’s 175 titles which will be spanning across all major mobile genres. The iPhone and the android users who are Vodacom’s subscribers will be able to play the premium mobile games and all of the games will be extended in the fully unlocked and ad free manner.

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