E3 2017


E 3 2017 is the latest exhibition that will be held by Electronic Entertainment Expo

The E 3 2017 is going to be the latest exhibition which will be held by the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is considered to be a big event for the gaming industry. The schedule of the E3 2017 press conference is out and it is taking place from June 13, 2017 to June 15, 2017 in Los Angeles. Well this is an event where all big firms will be announcing the launch of their exciting new genre gaming products that are coming up this summer season. There is also an additional bonus of the Nintendo Switch which is making its debut in the E3 2017 event and also the launch of the X box one successor which is Scorpio. So this year the event will be open with the showcase of the solid collection of exciting games.

Players can expect the official release of Scorpio -Microsoft Company’s next console

The most prominent will be the Anthem which is a kind of new IP from the Bioware. This is the upcoming RPG which will surely have something special for the players. When the E 3 event briefing will be done by the Microsoft Company, the entire game play would be revealed. The E3 event will be showcasing the Star Wars Battlefront 2, the need for the speed playback and will also be coming up with the entire bunch of the exciting sport games which will include NBA live too. Even the Team Xbox is also starting during the early time of the year and players can surely expect the official release of the Scorpio which is Microsoft Company’s next console. Even the Bethesda will also be holding the presser and would be talking about its new games and players can expect the launch of the new Wolfenstein, Evil Within along with some of the amazing surprises.

Even few of new franchisees could also make appearance

Even Ubisoft is also having lots of new things to show this season and viewers can watch out the crew 2 and South Park –The Fractured along with some of the amazing gaming products. Even Sony Company would also be unveiling its plans for the event before the commencement of the press conference. Last year Sony Company focussed on the live along with the pre-recorded gaming footage and this year too everyone is expecting the same kind of the focus on the software itself. Looking at the bunch of the already known games, you can expect the titles: Detroit –Become human, God of War along with the last of us-Part II .Even few of the new franchisees could also make appearance.

Gaming professionals from all over the world will be gathering in Los Angeles

The gaming professionals from all over the world will be gathering in Los Angeles and they are going to share all their announcements with regard to their respective gaming businesses .Well this is the first time this expo would be open to public and this move can be considered as an attempt to move closer to the consumer based expositions just like the PAX.

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