Best Video streaming services of 2017


Best video streaming services of the year 2017

The streaming services just began as an add on to the DVD along with the digital download offerings .But the advancement in the speed of internet connection and large number of the dedicated streaming videos has allowed the streaming services like the Amazon and Netflix to fill up their streaming libraries .These streaming giants are now investing millions of the dollars in the original content .There are sometimes small or more cheaper options available and one can watch a movie or a TV show as the content is refreshed each and every week.

Below is the run out of some of the best streaming services of the year 2017 and what all you can expect from them.

Let’s check out which are the best video streaming services of the year 2017 and below is the run out of what all you can expect from them.


This one is the standard bearer of the streaming services. Well, the solid selection runs all the time and the new titles are exchanged for the older ones every month. The cost of the plan is $7.99 for a month which is for the single standard definition streaming. These streaming services are available across wide varieties of the platforms from the PC, tablet to your game consoles.

Amazon video

The Amazon video will be costing you $8.99 every month. In case you are planning to stick with the plan for more than one year, then you can switch to the Amazon Prime which will be including the Amazon video and also the photos, music along with the number of the other Amazon centric perks at a cost of $99 in a year.


With the full season of the classic TV series, you can take the subscription at the cost of $7.99 per month. Well Hulu is not like the Netflix or the Amazon which typically gets the new TV series after months or a year but it receives the content immediately once it is being aired on the TV.


This is the first premium channel and its content has been available on the internet but for HBO GO you have to pay $1 4.99 for the monthly subscription. So you can sign up and you can get the apps or a viewer can also carry out the addition of the HBO Now channel to the Roku player.

Sling TV

This will be providing you an experience which is closer to watching the traditional TV. For a cost of around $20 a month, Sling TV will be offering you an access to the channels like the AMC, TBS, CNN and many more. There is also the basic sling orange plan which you can buy for $20 a month and it has a support for the one stream.

Direct TV Now

These streaming services can be availed at a price of $ 35 dollars a month. The benefit is that you can gain access to large number of the channels of the live TV without the need of the installation of the satellite dish or the running cables.


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