Android Go


Android Go – a light weight version of anroid iOS with optimized apps and play store

Android Go is the super-lite version of Android O for phones which works better on low-end devices having less than 1GB of RAM.

Why Google is launching Android Go?

Google’s Android operating system is currently powering around 2 billion devices globally but the company’s focus is now on the next 2 billion. In developing countries like India, a large part of the population now possesses smart phones. However in India, Android One was not successful, despite offering the latest software from Google as the bulk of the market is still dominated by budget smart phones.

Android Go caters to users using cheap smart phones

The lower and middle-income groups normally buy cheaper devices and subscribe to limited data packages. As a result, problems like slow Internet and limited storage space make it difficult for these users to access and use many of the apps and services that are offered by the Google Play Store. Google`s aim is to ensure even users of basic , cheap smart phones get to access the latest version of Android without missing on the latest features.

Android Go is essentially built around the following 3 changes:

1.Optimization of Android O :

This is Android O, but in a tweaked form where it will work well and efficiently on entry-level phones, as it would function on a high-end smart phone.

2. Apps redesigned by Google:

Apps have been redesigned to ensure they use less storage space, consume less memory, and more significantly frugal on mobile data. The standard app on this is YouTube GO, which is believed to provide a better data friendly viewing experience. The other big app change from Google on Android GO devices will be Gboard. This will probably consume less space, and function faster. Google has added, data saver a critical feature across the board on these entry-level devices.

Devices using this will have a data management tool in the quick settings.

3. Improvised Play Store

Android Go will also have a special version of the Play store that highlights apps that works well with low end devices. These apps should be less than 10MB in size and must be able to function, though with limited functionality, even without an active internet connection. For example, Face book Lite will be highlighted over the full blown Facebook app. Users will have be allowed to access the entire app catalog , but the emphasis will be to show them apps which use less memory, storage space and save on mobile data.

When Android Go will be available?

Android Go will be available in 2018, and it will come for all Android phones, having 1GB or less of memory. Summing up, once again Google is attempting to make things somewhat comfortable for everyone. For Google, reaching that other 5 billion is critical to ensure sure it’s business can grow. By streamlining the OS itself and making sure users are only installing optimized apps, Google has a better chance to provide a pleasant user experience on low end smart phones.

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