Amazon Echo vs. Google Home


Amazon and Google Home are launching their voice controlled speakers

Both Amazon and Google are competing with one another for their voice controlled speaker products. These two firms have been in competition with one another from playing music to online shopping and many more things.

Let’s check out which of the firm’s voice controlled speaker is better

Google home is smaller and lighter and Amazon Echo is taller and cylindrical in shape

Google home is quite smaller and lighter comparing it with the Amazon Echo which is tall and cylindrical in shape. The cylindrical shaped Amazon Echo has a minimalistic design. It has a touch sensitive circle on its top for the adjustment of the volume and also for the pause and play option. In comparison to the functional implicitly of the Amazon Echo, the Google Home Speaker is quite elegant .It has a touch interface which can be utilized for changing the volume, pause and even for playing the music and you can also put it on the listening mode too. There is a physical button which is present on the home which is the mute button and allows the users to mute the speaker.

The Amazon Echo has the prime music but Google home doesn’t have its own rival service

Amazon Echo is having the prime music but Google home is not having its own rival service. The product is also imparting integration with Google cast ecosystem .In case you are having the Chromecast audio then you can ask the Google home for playing the music through the speakers. But looking at the Amazon echo, it has the limitation of playing the music only on its own speaker. So you can only connect the echo dot to a single speaker at one point of time and this can be done through the Bluetooth or wired 3.5 mm connectivity.

Both voice controlled speakers supports multiple users

Google home can be integrated with many other devices of the Google .So you will be able to perform a whole lot of functions like you can plan routes by using the Google maps but its limitation is that is limited to just a single user at a time. In case of Amazon Echo it is having a big list of the compactable apps and these apps will just be adding the fun side functionalities rather than providing the core productivity features. Both the voice controlled speakers are supporting multiple users but the way these two devices are handling multiple devices is quite different .In Amazon Echo, the user has to manually switch between the user’s accounts by just saying Alexa switch accounts.

The Amazon Echo is costing $ 50 higher than Google home

For many of the people the choice between the two speakers may come down to the price like Amazon Echo is costing $ 50 higher than the Google home which is $130.So you can figure it out that it is cheaper to put Alexa in your home. In case you are not looking for the whole home speaker system then Google home is a comparably inexpensive option to try out.

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