AI Chip for iPhone


The Apple Company is coming up with the amazing artificial intelligence chip

The Apple Company is coming up with the amazing artificial intelligence chip which will be used to offload tasks just like the speech recognition and also the facial recognition on its iphone devices. The chip is called as the Apple Neural Engine and it is going to improve the battery life and also the overall performance of the iphone devices. The AI chip will be included in the iphone as well as the ipad in the coming times. The company has already started testing the future iphone prototypes with AI chip but nothing has been made clear so far when the dedicated AI chip will arrive or when it will be integrated into the iphone devices.

The chip will be utilized to offloading the AI tasks that involves complex algorithms

With this new chip, the company will be able to handle all kinds of the artificial intelligence related work on its iphone devices. It will be utilized for offloading the AI tasks that involves the complex algorithms like the facial, speech recognition, augmented reality along with the other types of the intensive work that solely rely on the vision of computer. It has been reported that the company is now lessening its dependence on the Intel chips. It is designing its own A series and ARM based chips for phones .The power nap feature of the Mac would be offloaded from its main processor although the company is not planning to dumb the Intel in any way.

The company focuses on the speed of its new generation mobile processor

To keep its devices competitive, the company is focussing on the enhancement of the speed of each of its new generation mobile processor and this time it is pairing the quad core A 10 fusion chips with the iphone 7 and also with the iPhone 7 plus models. It is also developing a secondary mobile processor which will be entirely dedicated to power the AI. Through the development of AI chips, two main areas of artificial intelligence will be focused upon- one is the augmented reality and other is the self driving cars.

Apple’s CEO has called AR a much better technology than virtual reality

So the technology devices would be splitting the AI tasks in between the two chips that would be the main processor and the GPU.But unfortunately nothing has been clear out when the chip is likely to come up. This is going to put Apple Company further behind when Qualcomm Company’s latest Snapdragon mobile chip is already having quite a dedicated Artificial Intelligence module. The entry of the Apple into the AR world makes sense as it has already made several AR focussed acquisitions before which include the Prime Sense and also the Flyby. The CEO of the company has called AR a much better technology than the virtual reality and this is for everyone and not just confined for the niche market.

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