How to Defrag your Mac?



When we change the files frequently, store or delete the files, mac send the files to fragment. It means that different parts of one file is saved in different sectors of the hard disk, which leads to slow processing of Mac machine and ultimately slow in speed.

What is Defragment Mac?

The disk format which is used in Mac OS X is “Mac OS X Extended” (HFS +). This format leads to preventing re-use of space as long as possible which we vacated from deletion of files. For this, at least 10% to 20% space in the hard drive always have to be vacated so that all kind of files takes the proper space.

For this purpose, Mac OS X has to be defragment on regular intervals. This situation arise when we save the file in Mac OS X because it not only save the file but it also keep all the cache and temp files in the memory and use the free capacity the disk. For example: During the system shutdown, the contents of the buffer is then written to a contiguous block on the hard disk. Not only does this fragmentation unlikely but CPU utilization is saved.

Fragmentation occurs when we continuously keep on adding to the same existing file. For instance, a word document, we were working on that everyday adding additional lines. The lines are written somewhere on the hard drive where ever there is a free space. Mac OS X, however, instead of saving in a same file, creates a new file in a cache memory, so whenever we apply the above process, there is a continuous space utilization in the hard drive.

For the reasons above defragmentation is for the average user of extremely little use.

For example, important files that lies under Mac OS X, are on a continuous strand to the hard drive so that this area can be loaded quickly during start up quickly. The manual defragmentation may particularly remove the small files which leads to delay in the loading speed.

Defragmenting performance

Before performing defrag, you should first restart your system, this helps in performing defrag most efficiently and also have a backup of all imporatant files saved in the volume which you are going to defrag

Manual Defragmentation is only possible when the hard disk is almost full, or often have manually created or modified large files.

We can also use software to defrag Mac Hard Drive, below mentioned are a few software which are widely popular among users and are also appreciated by experts and critics:

Warning: Keep your Mac machine power intact because any interruption may lead to data loss.

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