CleanmyMac 3


CleanmyMac 3

CleanmyMac 3 is a powerful application that keeps your MAC clean, well maintained and healthy

CleanmyMac 3 is quite a simple and highly powerful application that keeps your MAC clean, well maintained and healthy. The cleanmyMac 3 works as a perfect solution and it removes all kinds of the clutter from the hard drive and it also increases the speed of the system. This application deals with all varieties of the trash and carries out the scanning of the entire system which includes the iTunes, mails and also pictures. Through the regular cleanups and continuous system monitoring, it keeps the whole system healthy.

This software is a one stop solution for cleaning, maintenance as well as monitoring of the operating system of Mac

Well, this software is a one stop solution for the Mac users for carrying out all kinds of the cleaning, maintainence as well as the monitoring of the operating system of Mac. It helps in cleaning as many files as needed in a secure and highly organised manner. Mac users can also receive the system status, health updates and also free up the RAM. This cleanup software combines wide varieties of the functions in just a single app with a complete focus on the removal of the unnecessary files and maintenance of the extremely good performance of your sytem.The two foci are actually divided into the cleaning and the utilities.

Looking at the cleaning section, you can perform the functions that are listed below:

System Junk

It can remove the system logs as well as the caches, not needed OSX localization files and also all the unusual language files.

Mail attachments

It will be scanning and removing the local copies of all the mail attachments which are available on the mail server. For all those users with a huge mail library, it leads to a significant reduction in the storage space.

Smart Cleanups

This feature will be utilizing the safety database which will minimize the risk of all kinds of the improperly deleting crucial data. Any type of data which is found during the cleanup will first be presented to the user for review before the actual removal.


Looking at the utility section, some of the functions that can be performed are listed below:


It will be removing not only the application binaries but along with that all kinds of the associated files that .aap file quite often misses deleting.


It facilitates the users to run a large number of the scheduled and also the manual maintenance tasks like the rebuilding launch service, re-indexing the spot light and also the verifications of the disk permissions.

Caution while using this software

Although this app is very much capable of removing the unnecessary data, you should always exercise extreme level of caution while using this software  as sometimes there could be mistakes too if the Mac user is not careful. This is definitely not that kind of software that users can actually get away just by ignoring its details as well as the fine prints.



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