The iPhone bug that forces handsets to stop working with just ONE press


New iPhone bug causes iPhone to shut down temporarily

A new glitch has been found which can shut down your iPhone. A new iPhone bug can cause your iPhone to shut down temporarily. This is done by pressing three types of bottoms simultaneously. But the good thing is that at least this bizarre bug is just shutting your phone for some time. This is quite a strange shutdown which can be triggered when your friends are using your phone.

This bug affects all iPhone devices by pressing three buttons from menu option

The issue has to be fixed by Apple and independent reports have suggested that this bug is affecting all iPhone devices irrespective of the iOS software they are having. It has been found that by opening the iphone’s control centre and then pressing simultaneously the three buttons from the menu option, the phone will freeze down .By pressing the three control buttons- Air Drop key, camera shortcut and also the Night shift button, this bug creeps into the handset and is temporarily crashing the phone. Although manual revival of the handsets is not possible but the phone has been found to return to life on its own after some time.

This bug is quite harmless which a good thing

Apple is still not able to fix the issue and this glitch though lasts only for couple of minutes. It is not the first bug that can shut down your iphone .Back in the years 2015 itself, there was an iOS bug that appeared and had led to the crash of the messages. Even the iPhone was caused to reboot on the receipt of the malicious message. Apple Company announced in a press release that it has fixed this bug issue in its most recent version of 10.2.1 iOS. The company claimed that this operating system has been improved for the reduction in the occurrences of all kinds of unexpected shut down .Users will see 80% reduction in the issue of unexpected shut down in iPhone 6s and also more than 70% in the iphone 6 device. Well if your phone has been affected by this bug just relax as everything is not lost. You can use couple of fixes and just take the message to the upper side of the inbox.

Easy steps to fix the bug issue and restore your phone to its normal condition

One easy way is to click the link that creeps in and you can open windows to send the message and press cancel and delete the offending message from your phone. Another way is to send a message in the Siri and then you will be allowed to open the new message and not the malicious one. Well this bug is quite harmless which is a good thing is. The latest text message bug crashes iPhone as soon as it is received. Your phone restarts within seconds after turning off and goes back to the normal mode. It is quite easy to fix. All you have to do is to open Siri and then you can visit a website This website allows a dialogue box to appear and it will say open this page in messages, you just have to tap open and you will be redirected to the message app. Once you enter in the app, just delete the malicious text thread and also the Vincedes text and your phone would soon be restored to its normal condition.

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