Pokemon Go


Discover the whole new world of Pokémon with Pokémon Go Game .The game utilizes the real location information that encourages the players to search far and wider to discover the real world of Pokémon .The new series of Pokémon Go Game is using the real world locations like Hokkaido and Kanto of Japan and some of the locations of New York, Paris for building the virtual settings in which the exciting game is played. So now the real world has entered into the virtual world of gaming to give the gamers exorbitant experiences.

Game has become international sensation

  • The Pokémon Go Game series value the open and social kind of experiences and provides the full chance to the players to connect with the other players and to enjoy trading and battling the Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Go Game series is much beyond what it displays on the screen and the players can explore their neighborhoods, communities and the entire world of which they are the part of for discovering Pokémon along with the exploration of their friends and the other players.
  • Barely a week after its launch, the game has clocked more than 20 million users and has become the biggest mobile game in the history of US.
  • An augmented reality game

  • The new game doesn’t come with an instructional manual and the beginners have to figure out themselves how to catch out all. It has taken lead against Tinder and twitter too in terms of daily active users.
  • Many of the popular games have bite time playing slots but Pokémon Go can be played for as long as the gamer wants to as there is a way by which the user can increase the length of the session and that is done by walking through more pit stops.
  • Pokémon Go just like other properly designed games have a quick ramp up and there are multiple layers of awards that are offered to grab the player’s attention so that they desire to stay longer in the game.
  • And throughout the game session, it has to be stayed opened which is another tactic to prevent the player from being distracted and flipping to the other applications on the mobile phone.
  • The world of the Pokémon is vibrant, looks amazing and is filled with the flairs and flashes which are visually stimulating making the player to keep their eyes glued to the phone and always looking for something new that is going to happen.
  • Catch your first Pokémon with mobile phone location service and camera

    All the stunning features of the game is making it to grow at an incredible rate .The game has deputed at the top on both the android and the iPhones and in fact so many people once tried to play that the system had crashed and as a consequence the game was paused for some time to fix up the things and then it was on set again.

    Create an avatar to catch Pokémon

    The game is free on android and the iOS phones and let the users to create an avatar that can catch, trade, fight the Pokémon characters with in the game. It provides a unique experience of catching the Pokémon in real life by utilizing the mobile phone location services and the camera.

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