Managing Tasks on iPhone


We all have many tasks to manage and remember them all, but sometimes it happens than we forget somethings and end up in trouble at


Idle cases of common trouble we end up

  • Forget paying the bills
  • Forget getting groceries for home
  • Forget to get supplies
  • Dropping off something at someones place
  • Inbuilt Calendar always helps us in geeting many things done, once we have them feed in our calendar but sometimes we forget to feed them

    in such cases we can always use Siri’s help in getting them noted in the calendar

    Just follow these steps

  • Step 1: Connect you iPhone to Charger for Handfree usage, or you can jut press the home button

  • Step 2: Make sure that Siri Handsfree is enabled in settings

  • Step 3: Speak up Hey “Siri” and give the command what you want to do and the time and it creates a reminder automatically

    Check the screensgrab below to understand how this works


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