iOS 11 Photo Tricks


Get most out of iOS 11 camera tricks

Apple Company has released new software for the iPhones as well as the iPads which has lots of fun camera features. There are many tweaks which have been added to the new camera application, so now you can utilize it to interact and also to change the live photos .The iOS 11 comes up with a range of the exciting editing features with its live photos. The user can carry out the editing of the same live pictures with the new filters and also utilize various camera effects on the iPhone and the iPad.Find below some of the new camera tricks in iOS11 for the iPhone.

Snap live picture

The snap live picture feature allows you to take the picture of the object in motion .This can be done by pressing a circular shaped button which is present on the side of the camera.

Bounce option

When you select this option, then it will be moving the object within the live phone back and forth. This is quite cool feature especially when you have to shot someone who is like jumping into the pool.

Long exposure

This is amazing feature and with the help of this, you can just keep the camera still and can capture the motion with it. Many photographers have been utilizing this feature to say capture the streak of the lights of a car or a scene when there is fog or may be blurred waterfall.

New filters

There are many new filters which have been added up. These filters are quite more subtle now than the one that you see on the Instagram.So you can dramatize your picture with the black and white filter or jazz up your picture by hitting the edit.

Shooting in Portrait mode

The portrait mode in the iPhone device utilizes the two lenses of the camera for recording the depth data and also the DSLR type wide aperture kind of the effect.

Screen shots

The company has now made it easier than ever before to deal with the screenshots or carry out the recording with the help of your phone. This new feature possesses an incredible virtue and avoids the roll of the camera being full of the things while you have your screen being hotted.The user can also draw on the highlighted things and share it with whomsoever he wants to and he can also save it to the camera roll or can delete them.

Turn live image into GIF

This is one of the best features with the iOS 11 .It can turn your live photo into a GIF.The live photo effects will be allowing to turn your live images into the GIFs.

Make picture pops

This is a subtle one as the company has added many of the new features like the vivid warm, dramatic cool and also the silver tone.

Hidden level for sky view or overhead pictures

Camera app has the feature which enables you to take the best of the top down or the straight up pictures. Since this is not on the default so you need to enable them with the settings.

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