How to make the best use of your iPad air ?



Product design and innovation took a completely different turn after Apple started manufacturing. The impressive product list from Apple includes iPhone, iPod, iPad Air and several brilliant cutting edge devices. Design is one of the key features that keep the Apple customer loyal. Sleek design of every product launched attract envious look from the competitors. Apple has continued its dominance in the second decade of 21st century. iPad air is one more stellar product from assembly line of Apple Inc.

iPad air is a tablet computer (fifth-generation) developed , designed and marketed by Apple corporations. The iPad air has latest iOS installed into it. The update in the operating system has brought order to some complexity. There are eye-catching features like translucency, layering physics, new icon and refined typography.


Below listed are tips to make best use of iPad air:

Multi-Touch Gestures: Even a tech enthusiast with full knowledge of swiping, tapping and pinching may find some of the controls complex. One can turn them on in Settings- General- Multitasking gestures. Afterwards, placing four fingers on the screen and swiping upwards reveal the multitasking bar. It can be closed by swiping down. Swiping left or right with four fingers allows apps navigation. Pinching four fingers together closes the app. If done at a slow pace, one can watch the animation in the background. It can be a continuous fan. A single finger swipe from bottom shows used setting, from top reflects today’s information.


Typing Tricks: Typing is made easy using numerous ways. Apostrophe and speech mark could be complicated to use on virtual keyboard since the same are placed on a second keyboard. However, there are shortcuts in iPad air to resolve these issues. Tapping and holding the exclamation mark produces an apostrophe. Similarly, holding the question marks generates speech marks. Splitting keyboard is another remarkable feature of the product. Placing two fingers at the centre of the keyboard and dragging in different direction split the keyboard easily. Thereafter, product can be held with two hands with thumb performing the typing operations.

Parental control: There are some fascinating apps available for children. However, there are valid reasons to have some parental control. Web browsing, App Store and other important apps should be outside the reach of children. All the things above can be set within the Settings-General-Restrictions menu. Restrictions setting are password controlled and can be changed at will.


Airplay Mirroring: Another outstanding features of the product. Display is mirrored to a television using AirPlay. Only hindrance being, it requites an Apple tv. Working is very simple. Double tapping top buttons leads to multi-tasking menu. Then , swiping left, one can see a range of player controls and if iPad is on the same WiFi network as an Apple tv, AirPlay logo will be seen. A rectangle with a black triangle over the bottom edge .Tapping the logo mirror the screen.


Access Home Computer: This can be extremely convenient for working professionals. It allows flexibility. Important documents, videos, files or photos can be accessed from iPad anywhere in the world. Only requirement is iteleport, which can be easily downloaded. This is definitely one of the best uses of iPad air. One can control downloads, play music to ward off burglars, emails files from the desktop. Possibilities are unlimited, only the system should be on.

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