How to add Google contacts to iPhone


Sync your iPhone and Google contacts using CardDAV

Since Gmail is the most popular email services and the iPhone is very popular phone in the world .For the user of both the iPhone and the Gmail sometimes a need arises to transfer the Google contacts and many other things to the new iPhone device. Google do not support the Exchange active sync which was seen earlier and is being used to sync the contacts, emails and calendars on the Gmail with the help of third party applications. And even if the user now tries to set up the Google sync with the help of exchange active sync on the new iOS device, he will get a failed response in an attempt to establish the connection to the server. Now the question arises how the user will be able to setup Google sync on the iPhone when the exchange active sync technology is no longer workable. The answer is the launch of various alternative protocols which can help in the efficient handling of the Google contacts, email and calendar synchronization on the iPhone.

Enable contact sync on your iOS device

By configuring itunes also one can specifically sync the Google contacts. With the help of the new protocol CardDAV support which is available one can quickly set up the Google contact sync directly on the iPhone.

There are many new ways for the users to sync the Google contacts to their iOS device at present.

The open protocol which is called CardDAV allows the third party clients which are the iOS contact applications to sync with the Google contacts.

Now two new protocols called as CardDAV for Google contacts and Cal DAV for calendar are recommended by the Google for carrying out the synchronization of the Google contacts and other things like calendar, email.

If one is an iOS and the Gmail user at the same time and is looking at the way how to sync his Gmail contacts there is a step by procedure which is followed through the entire process of keeping the Google contacts in sync on the iPhone.


Step by step process of setting up the contacts is mentioned below

  • First of all the user can navigate through the setting applications on the iPhone and can select the contact option and can tap on the ad account option.
  • User has to select the add cardDAV option from the list of the options that are available. Then the user will be asked to enter certain set of information by the interface and he may fill out the details like name of the server, username, password which is associated with the Google account and he is also asked to fill in the description column where he needs to enter the description of the account like in this case it is CardDAV.
  • Now user can select the next option which is there at the top right of the display and the webmail contacts of the user will now appear in the contact app of the iOS device and if any changes are made in the Google contacts they will be shown in the contact app with a refresh.
  • By performing all the steps in the correct manner there is be automatic synchronization of the contacts to the iOS device without any problem.
  • CardDAV –a highly compactible protocol

    CardDAV synchronize Google contacts and is compatible with the Mac OS, iOS 5+ and other similar platforms.CalDAV can synchronize the Google calendar data cross varies iOS devices and it utilizes the icalendar format and is highly compatible with the iPhone devices.

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