Xbox One X


Microsoft Company is hyping a lot about its next gaming machine- Xbox One X

This year Microsoft Company had spilled its beans on Xbox One X which is an awesome gaming console with a slew of interesting features. After the announcement of the Xbox One X, the company is hyping a lot about its next gaming machine. The news about Xbox one X was made public at the E3 event that was held in June 2017.The name of the project under which this gaming console would be launched is Scorpio. According to few of the sources, Xbox One X would be able to run games at the native 4K itself .This is something which would not be easy .The highly powerful GPUs which are available in the market still struggle to run games at 4K and 60 FPS.Looking at its price ,it would be somewhat in the range of $ 350 to around $ 450 and there will be steady flow of the games.

The upcoming gaming console is even much better than the earlier launched Xbox one

The gaming console has already won lots of praise of the speculators for being better than the PS4, PS4 pro and it is even much better than the earlier launched Xbox one. Well it is going to provide the gamers with the best kind of graphics and there are also many new titles that it will be supporting. All this is going to provide the players a good choice of the gaming product in the already competitive gaming market. Looking at its design, the alluring design of the earlier launched X box one has been squeezed and this time with a much smaller and tiered black coloured frame.

The product has 8 2.3 GHz processor cores and six teraflop graphic processors

The product has 8 2.3 GHz processor cores and there are also six teraflop graphic processors which are present along with the 12 GB of the GDDR 5 RAM. This all is surely going to impart lot of excitement to the players. Well the games will surely be looking much better in the new gaming console and it is being fitted with the vapour cooling chamber as well and thus will not be heating up during the summers when it is pushed hard. The HDMI slots which are present in the Xbox One X are supporting 2.1 standards instead of the earlier 2.0 with the improvement in the bandwidth to the extent of 48Gbps. Also it will have an improved performance with the content which is HDR.

The gaming console runs on windows based operating system and has a support of Dolby Atmos sound

The gaming console is running on the windows based operating system and there are many exclusive and stunning titles which are coming up like the Forza Motorsport 7 and an Explosive crackdown 3 that the players can play in 4K, HDR at 60 FPS on the upcoming gaming console. Well Xbox One X is surely an ultimate console which is going to support TV, movies along with the provision of the UHD blue rays, streaming. It is also having a support of the Dolby Atmos sound. This amazing gaming product is likely to hit the stores in the later half of the year.

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