Surface Laptop impossible to repair


The Microsoft Company’s Surface Laptops are almost impossible to repair

The Microsoft Company’s Surface Laptops are almost impossible to repair as they can’t be opened up without destruction. This has been claimed by some of the world’s leading repair specialists. The surface laptop has been called as hellish and for all those people who want to repair it they are going to inflict lot of damage to the device. Well this product was the first one to receive one out of ten score for the repairability and this information was revealed by the teardown analysts from the iFixit company.

The similar reviews have been garnered by Apple’s latest line of Mac Books

The similar types of reviews have been garnered by the Apple Company’s latest line of Mac Books. They also got the 1/10 score for the repairability feature. Both the devices are featuring the core components like the processor, memory along with the storage which has been soldered to the motherboard. But looking at the Microsoft’s surface laptop, it is virtually impossible to open it up without destruction. The reason why this device had fared so badly is the heavy utilization of the glue in the product. The iFixit’s repair specialists have termed it as the glue filled monstrosity.

The iFixit company’s repair specialists have termed it as glue filled monstrosity

Even the battery of the product is so difficult and almost impossible to replace .Just for the removal of the battery, ten steps have to be followed and all this makes the Surface Laptop a terrible machine for anyone looking to repair it. So just forget about upgrading the product at any point of time. Well the lack of the repair option for the Microsoft’s surface laptop is something that should not come as a surprise. The drive of the laptop manufacturers towards the thin and the light weight laptops embedded with high end hardware had actually forced them to look for the innovative development techniques. The increased complexity of the device led to its miniaturization and this is posing new challenges too it. The problem with the device starts as soon as an attempt is made to repair it.

Trying to repair Surface laptop will prevent further reassembling of device

Since the body of the surface laptop doesn’t contain any screws, the only way to gain access to its hardware is to peel off the keyboard and since it is made from the Alcantara fabric, it is far more difficult to reattach. Trying to repair the laptop will prevent the further reassembling of the device and this will render the further repair work useless. Even its battery is glued to the casing and glue has been placed around each and every component.

This device has limited lifespan as none of the core components can be replaced

There is also not a battery connector to remove and this means you have to remove all the wires and the ribbons live .This is further an issue as leaving the device connected to the power while repairing it is obviously hazardous. The iFixit company further concluded that Surface laptop is not at all meant to be opened up or repaired. This device would have the limited lifespan as none of the core components of the laptop can be replaced.

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