Surface Book banned from Tennessee Bar Exams


The users of the surface books are not allowed to take the Tennessee Bar Exams

If you are a Microsoft surface book user and planning to use the same for your Multistate Tennessee bar exam, then you have to think twice before doing that. According to the new rules from the Tennessee state bar, use of any detachable surface computers has been banned. Some other banned implements include compatible accessories such as the surface pen. If a student is found with a pen he/she will be expelled and will be arraigned to the board for this act. According to the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners, the reason for the new directive comes from the limitations of the exam software Softest. But despite of these new reasons the board did not provide any solid reasons for such actions. Allowed computers include: Surface Laptops and Mac Books

Surface Laptops and Mac Books are allowed

If you are planning on using a surface laptop with Windows10 Pro you won’t be facing any discrepancies what-so-ever. But if you are planning to use a Windows 10S (creators edition) laptop you may need to do some work as the Examination software Softest does not support Windows 10S. So, is there anything you can do about it? Notify the board between June19 and June26, and sign an extra addendum to their “Laptop Agreement”.

All kinds of programs running in the background must be closed before entering test area

With this you will be all set to give your best for the upcoming exams. This rule came due to limitation of SofTest which is not supporting windows 10 creator update. If a student fails to comply with the above, he/she will be facing expulsion from the exam and also a summons to the board for an explanation. Also it is recommended to turn off all updates as no extra time will be provided in case of a computer freeze. The portion typed already will be backed up and the remaining part of the exam will have to be finished on paper.

Softest will disable the touch bar on your MacBook pro

If you are a Mac Book user you don’t need to worry. No Mac Book has been prohibited from being used in the exam. Except if you are a Mac Book pro user and are planning on using the same for your exams. But even so, there is no need to worry. Softest will disable the touch bar on your MacBook pro. The news regarding the ban of surface books has left quite an impact on the social media as well. All kinds of programs which will be running in the background must be closed by the student before actually reaching to the test location.

Tabs and also those devices with detachable keyboards are not permitted at all

Twitter user @Third Scrivener posted a query as to why detachable keyboards are being banned. Since he has already taken a number of law school exams on his surface book, this directive from the Tennessee State Bar has left him quite baffled as to why the detachable keyboard is such an issue.

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