The launch of PS5 gaming console is filled with lots of excitement

The launch of the new gaming console is always filled with a lot of excitement and specially when it is the PS5.The PS5 is the Sony company’s 5th instalment of the consoles of the playstation.Although it has been speculated that there is this new console coming in the near future, but it is very hard to find out when we are going to see the play station 5.Well the company is not all of a sudden jumping into the next generation bandwagon as it has just released the PS4 pro which is the mid generation gaming console upgrade. The firm with its launch has expanded the functionality of the hardware in a sufficient manner. Since the gaming industry doesn’t tend to rest still for long time the Sony company’s engineers have started working on the PlayStation 5. Whatever this new station would be like, it is still some time away from its launch. But that should not stop us from speculating how the next generation console would be like. We can obviously expect some of the ramped up specifications.

This new play station console would likely to bring along with it the DualShock controller

With the advancement in the streaming services just like the PlayStation, it has been speculated that these physical consoles would not be the thing of the past. Now the cloud based gaming will be there .Well there is very less information about the hardware of the PS5 .One change is that the PS5 might drop the optical drive with a focus on the digital downloads .The play station streaming services would now be allowing to make changes in the design making it much more compact or may be leaving more space and also the power for the better spec processing as well as the graphic units.

We can also expect gyroscopic controls with light bar and touch pad

Well this new play station console would likely to bring along with it the introduction of the DualShock controller. But the company will be keeping the basic button layout constant across a wide range of the DualShock controllers too .We can also expect the gyroscopic controls with the light bar and also the touch pad .In fact these two features have already made the DualShock4 stand apart from the competitors .

This new playstation5 would also include the virtual reality support system

Another big improvement in the new console is the HD Rumble which is an innovative feature present in the Joy-Cons switch and also the Pro Controller. This one is the advanced heptic technology which will be allowing the players to detect the things in a subtle way just like the virtual ball bearings rattling’s around the 1 -2 switch too. With so much success that the PlayStation VR has got, there is no surprise that this new playstation5 would also include the virtual reality support system. It would surely serve as a great way to enhance the dominance of the company in the mass market VR industry.



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