Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch


Smart watches popularity have been on the rise in the last few years. As people become more health conscious, marketers jumped in to fulfill demands with hi-tech gadgets and accessories. Heart rate monitoring has become a standard feature in the fitness tracker world. Mio Alpha 2 priced at a reasonable $199 boasts a heart-rate monitor that is supposed to be as accurate as a chest strap and it allows to see how hard ticker is pumping via colorful LEDs. The device also has the capability to sync fitness data to apps such as MapMyRun and Endomondo. The Alpha 2 does not have a built in GPS, however, it is a very comfortable and capable device overall.


The Watch syncs with both Android and IOS devices. It is a slightly chunky sports watch that shows the time by default on a digital LCD. The display retains its brightness extremely well in bright sunlight. Two buttons, one on either side of the watch casing are flush against the watch to set the time and date, turn on activity tracking and reach other necessary functions. The watch is very light weighing just 1.87 ounces. It is also fully water resistant to a depth of 30 meters. It saves from the hassle of taking it off before swimming and other water activities. The strap is quite similar to first Mio Alpha. The watch fastens with a two-pronged watch clasp and the loose end snaps into the band to keep from flapping.

Battery life is exemplary getting up to 24 hours in workout mode or up to 3 months in watch mode. Holes around the durable silicone band allow the air to pass into skin. Built in memory lets the watch hold up to 25 hours of work out data.

Most impressive feature is the indicator light below the display. It works the same way as the light on a standalone wrist worn heart rate monitor. While tracking the heart rate, different colors are flashed indicating the heart rate zone. Red means heart rate is close to its maximum bpm while blue means it is close to the normal pace. Besides, the watch can also be customized for either three heart rate zones or five depending on kind of training being done.


The device tracks heart rate consistently and accurately. It also does a good job of monitoring speed and pace with its new accelerometer. However, it does not act as a daily activity tracker like the basic peak or Microsoft band. Mio Alpha 2 offers a very accurate sensor, comfortable design and informative app to go along with it. The watch captures the rate more quickly than any fitness tracker. It maintains the signal throughout even the most rigorous workouts. The similarly priced but less comfortable Microsoft band offers daily active monitoring, GPS tracking and a slew of workout programs that can be downloaded from the app to follow along with the band as well as smart phone notifications. For dedicated workout lovers, Mio Alpha 2 is the best choice among the other similar watches.


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