Google Pixel XL 2


Google Pixel XL 2 is one of the best smart phones launched in 2016

The Google Pixel smart phone was launched in the year 2016 and it is one of the best smart phones launched in that year. Let’s have a look on features that are expected in the second generation Google Pixel XL 2 model. The smart phone is coming later this year and the news is it may have the squeezable frame. The user will be able to grip the sides of the phone very tightly for the activation of a short cut to certain feature or for launching an app.

The smart phone has the redesigned body and includes thinner border around its display

The smart phone will have the redesigned body and it will include the thinner border around its display. This change allows the Google to extend the size of its pixel and the screen of the upcoming phone will appear larger this time. The newly coming XL2 will have a 6 inches screen in comparison to the current 5.5 inches display. There will be smaller version of the pixel too which will feature the screen of size 4.97 inches. It is expected that the Google Company may ditch the head phone jack this time in favour of the stereo speakers.

This smart phone is powered by QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 835 chipset

However there will not be much change in the design of the upcoming Pixel XL2.It will be having the same glass as well as the metal finishing just like the original Pixel mobile phone. Although Pixel 2 will have better camera but the technical specifications of the camera won’t be changing much. Google Company may add some of the new features like the innovative capabilities to facilitate the dim light photography in a better way. The smart phone will be powered by the QUALCOMM’s Snapdragon 835 chipset and looking at the storage capabilities of phone, Pixel 2 will be offering 128 GB of the storage space while the smaller version will have 64 GB space.

The company will charge $649 for the pixel and around $ 769 for Pixel XL

The phone will be costing around $50 more in comparison to the previous versions. The firm will be charging $649 for the pixel and around $ 769 for the Pixel XL.It has been suggested that this upcoming phone may feature the dual front speakers with the elimination of the 3.5 mm head phone socket. The Google Company will not be concentrating on the mega pixel of the new mobile phone. Some of the reports have claimed that this smart phone will not be featuring the dual camera option and this has been done to keep the production cost low.

The Google Company is holding back the release of this gadget for the October window this year

The Google’s pixel 2 generation this time will not only be competing with the device from the other technology giants Apple and Samsung but it will also be pitted against other smart phone that are released just like the One Plus 5.The Google company is holding back the release of its second generation Google Pixel XL 2 for the October window this year.

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