Google Glasses Back from Dead


Google glass got firmware update and also companion app update

Do you remember the Google glass which was an ultra dorky and poorly supported face computer? This product almost got dead and it was not sold anywhere. Even its website was shut in the year 2015.But recent news has suggested that this device got the firmware update and also the companion app update.XE23 is actually the latest firmware version and this is the first update of its kind in the past three years. Along with the added features like bug fixes and improvement in performance, the Google glass can now also make use of the paired Bluetooth input devices just like the keyboard or the mice.

Those who adopted this device early were labelled as glass holes

Well this device by Google was apparently ahead of his time and this is a kind of technological dead end product that solved the problem which people never had. Even thorny private concerns were raised and also those who adopted it early were labelled as the glass holes. In the year 2015, even the Google glass explorer program went in complete dark and this device was dead. But time has changed and Google glass is back now. This time it appears like it is being directed at highly useful targets which are businesses.

The device will now be re launched with the Glass Enterprise edition

From the past two years, company is trying to find new ways to incorporate the Google Glass across wide range of businesses. The device will now be re launched along with the Glass Enterprise edition. The hardware of the glass has been improved, its battery life extended along with the upgraded camera. Employees who are working in many fields like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare are finding the device useful for consulting a wearable device for the information and also for the other sources when their hands are busy.

The new device is built with fast processor, better camera and long battery life

This product was launched as an explorer edition and it requires all the users to sign up to a program and also to pay the hefty free and then help in the development of the project. The new device is being built with the fast processor, better camera and also has the long battery life. The electronics of the new glass are made modular just like the shape of the glass pod and this can actually be detached and can be reattached to the frames which are compatible with the glass.

Google Glass has evolved from wacky fashion accessory to useful technology device

With all these developments taking place, this device has actually been involved from a kind of wacky fashion accessory to the useful technology device that provide real output.GE company has taken the advantage of the glass and it is using the device with an app which is being created by the app developer from Up skill the app. It is still not clear whether this new Google glass will be available to all the consumers and there are lots of developments taking place on its new customer range.

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