Galaxy S9


Galaxy S9

There is no shortage of the hype before the launch of the upcoming Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is the next big thing which is coming up for the Samsung Company and there is no shortage of the hype before the launch of this upcoming smart phone. The company no doubt has moved from the strength to strength and it is the most successful android phone company. The firm has already launched the pictures of the smart phone and also numbers to compete with its rivals.

The new flagship will have dual camera with BABR coating which is broad band anti reflection technology

According to the sources, it has been reported that Samsung is coming up with three different models of the phones- Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and also the Galaxy S9 mini.The mini phone will have the 5 inches display and the other two will be similar to their counterparts and will be released this year. These three models will have a dual edge and the curved infinity display. This could result in the stronger foothold for the Samsung in the mid range mobile phone segment. It has already been speculated that the new flagship will have the dual camera with the BABR coating which is the broad band anti reflection which will be there on its lens.

The good thing is that Samsung Company is expected to retain head phone jack on the upcoming phones

The Samsung Company might also be repositioning the fingerprinting scanner on the gadgets. Another good thing is that it is expected to retain the head phone jack on the upcoming phones. All the three models of the phone will be boasting the dual edge curvy infinite display. Well it has been recently announced that the new phone will have Exynos 9 series 9810 and will be backed by the 4GB of the RAM. It will also have the support for the Gigabits speeds on the LTE.The device will have the Snapdragon 845 processors. In fact, Qualcomm has already sold its first batch of the snapdragon 845 for the Galaxy S9 and also S9+.

The phone will be water resistant and it will have 4200 mAh of removable battery

The new flagship will be coming up with the Android Oreo. Although the release date has not been confirmed yet but the users are expecting that this new phone will be released by February 2018.The phone is likely to be priced in between the range of $ 688 to $ 779 .Well running on the Nougat 7.0, this gadget would be having the 128 GB of internal memory and also 6 or 8 GB of RAM depending upon the version of the phone.

This new flagship will be coming up with the Android Oreo

The phone will be water resistant and it will have the 4200 mAh of the removable battery. The Galaxy S9 would run on the Android Oreo which actually the latest operating system launched by the Google Company. The new gadget will have all that what the Oreo offers like the picture to picture, notifications dots, improved overall performance and also the new emoji.


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