Epson LW-300 Labelworks Monochrome Label Printer


Printing technology has been witnessing rapid change over the course of last decades. Epson has been at the forefront of this innovation. Epson LW-300 Label works Monochrome Label Printer is where organization meets imagination. No longer restricted by few options, customer can choose from a huge range of symbols, frames and fonts. With dozens of tapes in a variety of styles, borders, sizes and colors, creativity can be boundless. The LW-300 is also efficient. It saves up to 30 self created label designs with built in memory to prevent redundant work. Moreover, the printer is also mindful of supplies. Dramatically smaller lead margins mean up to 60% less label waste. It is absolutely perfect for creating professional looking labels at home or in the office for files, storage bin, clothing, household items and just anything else. User can explore the amazingly versatile LW-300 label maker and celebrate the creative expression.


The LW-300 consists of a white base, matte black top and rounded corners. On the top, there is a Qwerty keyboard which is 5 inches wide, a 4 way controller, a one line LED display and about a dozen function buttons related to creating labels. On/Off button is to the left of the display. Print button is placed on the right of the screen. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that it is one of two green buttons. The other green button on the printer’s right side lets one snip completed label. The printer measures 2.2*5.9*5.7 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. Though it is wider than a normal hand’s width but indentation on the bottom doubles as a finger grip. There is no problem in holding the printer in one hand and typing with another.

LW-300 is a totally standalone label printer and there is no way to hook it up with a PC. The upside being one can print labels anywhere while carrying the un-portable device. On the flip side, user is restricted to use the small qwerty keyboard to create labels. The printer is powered by six AAA batteries. In case one forgets to turn off the device, it automatically shut itself off after five minutes. The bottom can be opened easily to replace batteries or the tape cartridge. An optional AC adapter is available for $25. Moreover, Epson also offers 25 different label cartridges up to half inch wide for the LW-300 including standard strong adhesive, clear, glow in the dark, and metallic in several different types and background colors.

Inserting a label cartridge is pretty easy. Once the bottom cover is removed, one snap the cartridge into place making sure that any excess tape is fed through two guides. The printer takes 11.6 seconds to print a 2.8 inch label reading. LW-400 is also brilliant in printing barcodes, wide labels or labels for cabling. It offers tremendous creative flexibility with up to 14 font types and 10 different styles (bold, shadow, outline, etc), 457 symbols and 87 frames for users to create unique labels for very need.


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