Can AtariBox compete with Xbox One, PS and Nintendo?


Atari is heading back into the console race with its AtariBox system

The Atari has headed back into the console race again with their AtariBox system. For the first time in 24 years, the company is producing new hardware for the market, following its somewhat ill fated Atari Jaguar in the 90’s.Let’s see how its system can be compared to other three hardware that are in the market and what Atari can do to maintain a competitive edge.

AtariBox vs. PlayStation 4

The performance of Atari really depends on two things. First of all, the Atari boasts of the amazing classic library of the titles which are actually ranging from the Asteroids to the Missile Command and also to Centipede but still people aren’t going to ignore their PS4 for straight-up arcade ports. Atari has to figure out a way to strengthen these franchises and providing experiences to users that will make the AtariBox unique in its own way. Second, Atari needs to arrive an ideal price point that gives more value for money for their system than the PS4. This might be slightly difficult as Sony might lower the price of their console this holiday season.

Atari has to make sure that it is covering all bases to keep audience entertained

But if Atari can stick to around $100 to $150, it might be a good enough price point to convince the customers. Since the games also help and therefore Atari has to make sure that it is covering all the bases to keep its audience entertained all the time. It’s going to take a lot of effort to combat a big player like Sony.

Atari Vs. X Box One

It mainly depends on the features that the AtariBox plans to bring to the customers. If Atari can introduce an online network and it makes quit smooth and easy to download the games and still allows the players to play online without the need of an annual membership that would be an extraordinary benefit to the players. No doubt, such kind of flexibility is critical to topple Xbox Live. Anyways, Atari boasts a library of games to choose from which it can use to its advantage, between the company’s first-party titles, support from key third parties as well as the Indies. If it can establish a proper combination in place, it could have a game collection to be proud of those Xbox owners.

AtariBox vs. Nintendo Switch

Can Atari compete with Nintendo Switch? Again, this boils down to games. If Atari can find a way to boost its first-party game lineup like Nintendo firmly has on the Switch front and convince players just what kind of value it offers then it can garner a good customer base just as the Switch did? But the key challenge is- Can AtariBox commands a high demand in stores like Switch?

Library of games can be used as an advantage by AtariBox

Presently Atari lacks the portable factor unless and until there is an Atari Lynx-style add-on in the pipeline very soon, the system appears good enough to bring to someone’s house, based on its current build. That is really a great advantage and Atari can give players wide variety of local multiplayer titles that would prompt them attractive enough to share with their friends. It all boils down to software just as in the case of Nintendo’s console. Let’s see how AtariBox performs in the months ahead!

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