BlackBerry Passport


A decade can be a long time in the world of technology. Not very long time back, Blackberry was one of the dominant forces in the mobile industry. Naysayers have prophesied the death of company for a while now. However, the company has managed to keep going regardless. Blackberry sustained effort has been successful in producing some innovative and compelling development like the new Blackberry operating system and an array of quick devices that runs on it. Most striking and noteworthy among the latest development has been the Blackberry Passport. It is definitely one of the oddest looking smart phones in the recent history


The Blackberry Passport is quite big. It is square in shape and has a physical keyboard that also doubles up as a track pad for scrolling around menus, apps and web pages. A lot of people dismissed it as a mobile version of the bearded lady labeling it a freak which is interesting, however, inconvenient in normal life. The passport weighs in at 196 gram and has a dimension of 128-90.3-9.3 mm. The device is certainly heavier than anything company has produced in living memory with a gorgeous metal frame, high-grade polycarbonate backing, pitch perfect keyboard and an ultra high resolution 4.5 inch display.

The design is controversial without a shred of doubt. It certainly won’t suit all tastes. The device is incredibly wide compared to standard issue handsets from Google, LG, HTC and Apple. Initial sales generated a lot of excitement. Blackberry confirmed it sold 200,000 units in the handset’s first two days on sale. The company, however, has remained tight lipped on the sales figure since then. When it comes to clarity and color production, the HD grade panel also delivers the goods. Colors also look fabulous with excellent contrast and lots of details. Text appears neat and crisp and there is no hint of pixilation anywhere whether on the app or in the web or when reading an e book. Viewing angels are great too and the performance is solid even in bright sunlight.

The only downside of the set up is to do with video that is affected by boxing on account of the passports 1:1 aspect ratio. It is not perfect by any stretch of imagination and makes TV shows and films a bit of a no go on the passport. Short you tube sessions are alright, however, the passport does lose out to other more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio handsets in this regard. Inside the Blackberry passport, there is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset running alongside 3GB of RAM and an Adreno 330 GPU. The set up is pretty impressive even by Android standards and provides one hell of a experience in day to day life. Moreover, Blackberry like Apple has complete control over the software and hardware inside its handsets that always translates into a smother, power efficient experience for the end user.

Blackberry Passport is definitely one of the most under rated mobile platforms on the planet. A lot of it has to do with Blackberry’s previous hardware (Z10 and Q10 were not desirable at all) but mostly with the fact that the vast majority of now a days go for either Samsung or Apple.


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