5 best waterproof cameras in 2017


Buy high quality, water proof camera and take it easily under water

Whether you have plans to visit beaches or mountains, the water proof cameras are best for you. When you are going on holidays, there are chances that somehow you come closer to water .When you are swimming in the hotel’s pool or under the deep blue ocean, it is much likely that you would like to capture few of the amazing pictures of the aquatic world. You should look forward to buying a water proof camera which is more than an ordinary camera and you can take it easily under water too

Let’s check out 5 best waterproof cameras that you can buy in the year 2017

Olympus Tough-TG 4

There are only few of the rugged cameras available in the market that can actually match with the exceptional quality and the rugged feel of Olympus Tough. The camera is capable of surviving pretty much any of the things that are thrown over it. It has the ergonomic design along with the premium control system that makes it all strong to be used in any weather condition.

Panasonic’s Lumix FT5

With the 4.6 x optical zoom lens, the camera provides focal length in the range of 28-128 mm .This camera is capable of withstanding the shakeout and it remains optically stable. The minimum focussing distance it imparts is 5 cm which is falling short in comparison to the 1 cm being offered by many other cameras. The user can easily compose shots and the camera has high swift and reliable autofocus system. It is quite an all rounder device with GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC pairing for the quick image sharing.

Nikon’s Coolpix AW 130

This water proof camera is embedded with the host of the advanced features. This amazing product can actually function even when you are down to the depth of around 30 metres. There is an extraordinary GPS system, interactive world map along with the Wi Fi connectivity. The camera has 921 k dot OLED monitor and the device is quite impressive when you have to click under water snap shots.

Canon’s powershot D-30

The camera incorporates over sized control system and it is quite easy to use. The quality of the images it renders is just overwhelming. It has the 12.1 MP sensors, DIGIC 4 processor and also the GPS location tagging feature but it is not capable of locating the depth or height when there is no Wi-Fi connectivity present. You can take it to the depth of around 25 metres and click pictures.

Leica XU (Typ 113)

This is one of the recent fixed lens cameras. The product imparts a solid image quality and it is water proof, shock proof as well as dust proof. The camera produces the SLR sized images with an improved grip when handling it on the dry land or the underwater ocean. The users have the facility to choose either the prime or the zoom lenses. The top control of camera includes the shutter speed dial, aperture control and also a button to trigger 1080 pixels video recording.

Water proof camera will bring on all your underwater adventures

Climbing to the mountains or diving to the depth of coastal reef, the high quality water proof camera will surely bring on all your underwater adventures.

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