How to remove duplicate emails in Outlook ?


duplicate emails

General Microsoft outlook user with a few dozen or even a few hundred messages in inbox never come across duplicity issue. Duplicity of messages becomes worrisome when the size of inbox is approximately around 1000 messages. There are multiple emails stuck in various folders. One may not have a vague idea about the no. of duplicate messages stuck in Outlook. There are technical and manual reasons for the duplicity issue. An incorrect or interrupted synchronisation with a laptop or mobile devices is a frequent reason. Sometimes, hiccup of the mail server produces duplicate emails. In rare scenario antivirus software may also create duplicate emails.

Duplicate mails can be deleted manually. However, the task becomes challenging if the number exceeds hundred or may be thousand. There exists a variety of tools to deal with issue. Some are quick, simple and free. Others are sophisticated and flexible. Below listed are some existing tools:

  • Outlook Duplicate Items Remover: It is the most popular and time- tested free tool. The biggest advantage is its straightforwardness and ease of use. One has to choose the concerned folder and check for duplicates. Clicking on “remove duplicate items” button takes care of the task. Moreover, the tools can also search for duplicated contact, tasks, notes and calendar items. The main disadvantage is lack of flexibility that is lack of settings that would let configure the search criteria. Another serious limit is the tool does not support Outlook 2013, 2010 64-bit yet.
  • Working of Duplicate Items Remover: One might like to know the criteria Remover add-in uses to identify an email message as duplicate. The add-ins checks the following properties of mail and if all of them have a perfect match, the email is considered duplicate.
  • Received Mails – The internet message ID
  • Sent Mails – Email subject and the time of sending
  • Unsent mails – Email subject only
  • One should avoid using add-ins to remove duplicate from the draft folder. The Remover might identify several drafted message as duplicates even with same subjects but different content in the body.

    Duplicate Email Remover:

    There is no free tool that takes care of the flexibility issue. However, one willing to spend some extra bucks can have the luxury of Duplicate Email Remover. It identifies copy of the same mail by scanning text in the message body, headers, subject and attachments. This Outlook add-in detects duplicity in one or several folders. Folders can be prioritised and the action chosen for the duplicated message such as Remove, mark or copy them to any folder.


    Working of Duplicate Email Remover: It is a flexible wizard which searches and processes duplicated emails messages in outlook folders. One can search different folders or find email copies within the same folder making use of the tool. It is equally configurable when it comes to handling the detected duplicates. One can choose to delete at once, flag them or move/copy to a special folder. Essentially, it gives chance to review the letters before removal. The program is compatible with the latest Windows 7, 8 and Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and even 2002, 2003. Besides, it supports Microsoft Exchange Server and maybe used to process public folders on the server.


    There are also few third party Paid Tools to Remove the Duplicate Emails, as below:

  • Stellar Duplicate Outlook Remover
  • SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover
  • Duplicates Remover for Outlook
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