Acronis True Image


Data sensitivity and protection are among the key issues in information age. Acronis true image is a powerful software product by Acronis. The software has the capability to provide data protection including backup, access, archive and recovery for Microsoft, iOS, OSX and Android operating system. Previously taken image can be restored to another disk with the help of software. The structure and content are replicated to new disk enabling disk cloning and partition resizing even if new disk is of different capacity. The comprehensive application solves the problem of losing any files and if something goes wrong one can restore computer to the way it was.



  • Full Disk Image Back Up: The user can backup entire computer including operating system, applications and data along with files and folders to an external hard drive or NAS.
  • Universal Restore: Backed up data can be restored including the operating system, application and all data to existing computer or an entirely separately pieces of hardware or restore specific data as needed.
  • Retention schemes and advanced backups: One can keep history of up to ten last system states to roll back to different points in time when needed. User has the option to capture only changes made after an initial image backup, and save time and storage space.
  • Quick and Easy Recovery: User can get their computer back to the previous stage. One quickly restores from the cloud or local storage with no need to reinstall operating system manually or use additional tools.
  • Flexible File Recovery: User should choose only the files or folders to be restored and get them back right away without having to restore the entire system.
  • Industry Fastest Backup and Recovery: The software is up to 50% faster than the competition – save time and frustration with the industry’s fastest backup and restore.
  • Operation: Acronis True Image provides two types of backups – File backup and Disk backup. Besides backing up selected group of files on a disk, the software can create full system images that are a replica of an entire disk drive sector by sector. The program can also back up a system hard drive while the operating system is running. The application can also browse the contents of backups and restore them partially or entirely. It can also mount a disk backup as a virtual disk, hence, allowing the user to access them as one would normally do from a read only disk.

    Acronis True Image installs Acronis Startup Recovery Manager a computer program that helps restores backups at boot time. The cloud version enables cloud users to back up the mobile devices. Android and iPhone smart phones are supported along with popular windows and iPad tablets. The latest edition also features try and decide option that allows user to perform risky operation such as installation of un-trusted software with the option of returning to the system function before the action in case any problem arises.

    Acronis True Image offers backward compatibility for image files with the .tib extension created with a single previous that is image created with an immediate previous version that can be successfully restored. Backups are created to be compatible with between different editions of Acronis True Image within the same version (Home, Enterprise). Compatibility is not guaranteed between the products that are not within the same version.

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