How to Convert OST to PST ?


ost to pst

We can access MS Outlook with a Exchange Server Mailbox or a linked account to IMAP or POP3 server. If the user is a part of an Organization or Company he can only use a MS Exchange Server to use. MS Outlook when combines with Exchange Server is a perfect tool for accessing emails online and offline. MS Outlook is the most common email clinet because its not just an application to send and receive emails, but it manages contacts, calendars, notes and
journals. MS Outlook stores the emails in a single files as OST (Offline storage table), the file is synced when Outlook is connected to the server. If in any condition the OST file gets corrupted it looses contact with the server and its not synced and thus called orphaned OST file.

The OST files serve as a backup of the Exchange Mailbox as the emails are stored locally and are displayed using MS outlook. If you need to archive the emails or transfer to another system than you need to convert the OST to PST to migrate easily. Also if the Exchange Sever mailbox is some how damaged or not accecible than you can convert the offline OST to PST and import the same.

But you cannot recover anyhting from OST file without converting it to PST. Each mailbox on Outlook is associated with one OST file only and the old file is overwritten when you create a new mailbox, this is the security mecahnism of MS Exchange Server, so that you cannot accedd the OST file offline using a Windows system password. Exchange account is accessed with a Exchange Login id and password, each time user logs on the Exchange account a key is
transmitted and checked if the user name and password are match so that they can switch from Offline to Online Mode.

Once you have crated a new profile or linked the Outlook to another Exchange Server, the existing key for existing user is replaced with new key for new user and old offline emails are no more accessible. We can use the Offline stores emails in the OST file to restore damaged or corruoted MS Exchange Server Mailboxes.

If the user has not added a new profile on Outlook and the old account is still existing, we can recover the Mailbox. All we need to do is just convert the Offline OST to PST and than export the PST file to Exchange Server, and make the Mailbox working again. All the email and associated data will be transferred.

Coming to OST to PST Conversion, the best option to convert an OST to PST is use of a third party software, which does the work without any problems or any technical knowledge requirement. Also we talked about corruption in the OST file which the third paty applications can repair and provide us with an error free and perfectly working PST which we can import to the Exchange Server.

Below are a few best softwares available on Internet for COnverting OST to PST with ease:

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