India wants a discount on Microsoft Windows


India is pressing Microsoft Company to reduce the cost of Windows 10 OS by around 75%

In the light of the recently held ransomware attacks, India is actually looking to strike a deal with the Microsoft company for reducing the cost of the Windows 10 OS by around 75%.Looking at the figures around, 96% of the computer systems of the country are running on the Windows itself .Since the cost of the software upgrades is too high, many users in India and elsewhere are sticking to the older versions or they have been using the pirated software which have not received any kind of the security patches.

Nothing has been cleared out yet whether other countries are seeking similar deals or not

India is now pressing the Microsoft Company to give the discounted and one time deal to its more than 50 million users of the Windows in the country. The upgradation of the Windows 10 operating system is essential in the wake of the recent ransomware attacks. Well the spokesperson of the Microsoft Company declined to comment on this matter.

The officials working at the company declined to comment on the issue

Even the officials who are working at the company’s headquarter in US and the other regional headquarters in the Asian continent declined to comment on the issue. The thing is in case the Microsoft Company somehow agreed to give such discounts to Indians, there would be similar requests that will start coming from the other parts of the world too. Nothing has been cleared out yet whether other countries of the world are also seeking similar kind of the discounted deal or not.

India is looking for the throw away prices by Microsoft company for its windows 10

The cyber security official of India told to the Reuters that the company’s officials have actually in principle agreed to the request of the discounted deal although nothing has been confirmed yet. The security officials of the country cited that they are looking for the throw away prices by the Microsoft company for its windows 10 .They are looking at the company to offer the windows 10 at less than quarter of the current prices that it is offering.

The biggest security concern is country’s ATM’s that are actually running on Windows XP

Well the NotPetya attack that was held few times back had affected 2 of the ports of India in the Mumbai region. Looking at the position of the ports in the country, it was an all time big attack. The country has taken stringent and quick measures to counter that attack but now the biggest security concern is there as most of the country’s ATM’s are actually running on the Windows XP.When initially Windows 10 was launched, it was available for up gradation free of cost but today it is costlier than the Operating system. The home version is costing around Rs 7999 and the pro version of the Windows 10 is priced at 14999.

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