How to Manage an Active Directory Effectively ?


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Active Directory is a special activity database. It would be immature to call it a registry replacement. It has been developed and designed to handle huge amount of search and read operation. Changing and updating of data has been given relatively less importance. Data on active directory is replicated, hierarchical and extensible. Database of active directory contains objects and attributes. Objects and attribute definitions are stored in the Active Directory schema. Active directory can be effectively managed using several tools. One of the best tool is listed below:


Stellar Active Directory Manager: It is easily capable of managing the directory from a centralized location. The tool brilliantly takes care of the objects in the domain network. Complexities involved with active directory domain services are eliminated. Many in-built features are already present, facilitating bulk operations on user account and report generation. Besides, it allows queries on the active directory. Scope of Stellar Active Directory Manager:

Computer Management: Management of computers become simple, since, the software allows simultaneous operation on multiple computers. Computers are managed in the current domain or any remote domain from a centralized location. Numerous tasks like enable, disable, move computers or add computers can be easily performed.

User Management: Stellar Active Directory manager is an awesome tool to manage a large amount of users in an organization. It allows one to create, modify and configure attributes of a user. Besides, a person can create a template with standard user attribute values. The same can be imported while creating user accounts.


Group Management: Managing a group is completely simplified. A single administrator can perform entire group related operation like group configuration. The tool has a dedicated feature for group management. Feature makes the creation and modification of group a cake walk.

group management
Exchange Server Management: Load on MS exchange server is considerably reduced. Software supports editing and modifying properties of objects belonging to MS exchange 2010,2007 and 2003. But, the properties of groups, users and contacts for MS exchange 2010/2007 is slightly different from the MS exchange 2003.

exchange management
Security Management: Stellar active directory manager now offers very advanced security options for Windows server 2012, 2008 and 2003. Using the tool, one can create an Access Control List template. Afterwards, several tasks like delegation of resources to an existing ACL and assigning rights to objects can be performed. Moreover, the software allows modification and deletion of any existing ACL templates.

security management
Organisation Unit Management: Organisation unit management is an integral part of the active directory system. Organisational units (OU) or containers implement objects as logical business units in Windows active directory. The tool exhibits all user-defined and in-built organisational units. One can don the role of an administrator and create container for logical grouping.

unit management
Prevents Accidental Deletion: Routine activities like resetting the password, renaming the user or moving a particular user to a different container can be done using single user properties. Besides, the software prevents accidental deletion of objects. The option can be enabled or disabled from the organisation tab of a single user property.

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