How to Handle Outlook Profile Perfectly?


outlook manager home screen
Looking for a Perfect solution to manage the Outlook Profile? Here is the Solution to all your answers


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An Admin who manages Outlook Profiles, is always in the needs for the following

PST Repairing: Repair the corrupt and oversized PST of the employees.


Outlook Mail Backup: Having to take timely backup for all the Email to ensure no data is lost


Split or Trimming the PST: Many times the Admins face issues with employees who are for a long while with the organization the PST files of those employees cross the standard limit of 2GB thus causing many problems in wokring of Outlook, here comes the Split function to trim the PST files.


Compacting PST file: With time when the PST file of the user grows in size it causes a lot of problem in the functioning of Outlook compacting the PST increase the capacity to work by extracting the attchements and enabling quick loading.


Duplicate Removal: Ever user faces the issue of duplicate emails, with time and eventually while changing the computers many emails are copied more tahn once thus causing problem to the user, which needs to be removed.


Recovering Outlook Passwords: Many users assign password to their PST file and eventually forget them, but they can be recovered with this software

The Best Reason why you should go with software is as you can see the image above, if you purchase all the products individually they will cost you $785, where else if you purchase this Toolkit you can get all the components for $299 Only

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